We are excited about these success stories from our clients

My experience with LESL is excellent. My counselor made this whole admission process much easier right from ADMISSION PROCESSING and VISA APPLICATION PROCESS. It wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance of my counselor.

ANITA OYEYEMI LAWUYI (Loughborough University, UK)

My experience with LESL admission and visa processing was very good! I started my application with other students and with no appropriate knowledge or idea about, its procedures and protocols. My faculty was a boon to us by giving us not only the thorough insight of the programme, but made it a fun process for us. To me personally, I couldn’t have expected a better organization for it. The faculty at LESL not just makes us feel involved, but gives us a good support especially in disciplines that we lack in. The teaching pedagogy at LESL helps us find our strengths and weakness & ace the exams. The job and concern not just ends after I gained admission into The Great Lakes College, Canada but also processed the Visa.

OBIEKE CHRISTOPHER AWELE (The Great Lakes College, Canada)

LESL has been a great support for us. From the search for unis to the visa application, it has been a beautiful and rewarding journey. The LESL staff were awesome, giving off their time to assist us. We are happy to have discovered this agency and we encourage all future applicants to use this medium.

OYESHOLA HENRY OLAWUYI (Newcastle University, UK)

It was a great relief to discover that an organisation like LESL exists, helping prospective students actualise their dream of getting a university education in the Ireland. Thus, making the process simple and encouraging.

Firstly, through LESL I was able to review the various options available to me with regards to choice of school and course for my Master’s degree. This helped me to understand the requirements for each school and my course of choice.

Also, LESL helped me to review my application for admission to ensure that all the necessary requirements were met and also help out for scholarship. This was of great importance to me because I had the opportunity of having my application reviewed by a professional person before final submission to the school. When I eventually got a conditional admission, I was able to meet the conditions through the help of the staff I met at LESL.

In all, LESL has been of tremendous help to me and I know I can still count on them even as I start my study in the Ireland. I will gladly recommend this organisation to any prospective student as a sure way to get your dream of studying in the Ireland actualized.

Thank you

Ibrahim Lamin Kabir (ISC-University of Coventry, UK)

There wouldn’t have been ICM without LESL team who assisted in making all I went through stress free.
I recommend LESL to all students aspiring to be in one of the world’s leading Institutions. It indeed the right and best place you could be.

Ifeoluwa M. Obama (International College of Manitoba, Canada)

With guidance from the LESL team I choose to study with The Great Lakes College of Manitoba one of LESL’s partner institution. The Great Lakes College of Manitoba has excellent facilities and highly specialized academic staff with strong links to the IT hub of Europe in Canada. At Great Lakes College, you have everything at your disposal to learn and succeed and the Irish people are very friendly. I am having a great time studying here. I recommend LESL.

Chidera Nwoke (The Great Lakes College of Manitoba, Canada)

In less than a month, my Son and I were granted VISAs for study permit and Temporary respectively; thanks to the meticulous work that the staff of Lington Educational Services Limited did. I would recommend LESL to anyone intending to Studying in Canada or any other Countries.


After struggling with several agencies, and refused visa, Lington Educational Services Limited erased my tears and gave me the confidence and hope to carry on at a time I almost gave up. Now am a bonafide student of National College of Ireland and am enjoying my studies. MSc Management

Echijile Elizabeth (National College of Ireland)

All I wanted was a good school for my foundation programme. Fortunately, I was introduced to Lington Educational Services Limited. Here, I was guided through every stage of selecting a school where I could get the best of my academic pursuit. Bath Academy is the place for me. I get intensive teaching and studying periods which has helped me to be abreast of my school work. At the same time, there are extracurricular activities to help me relax. Thanks to Lington Educational Services Limited for counseling and professional advice.

Opeyemi Akinmolayan (Bath Academy)

he main difference between studying in Lagos and Harrogate is that here you are meeting different people and learning about different cultures all day long. It has made me more willing to embrace other cultures and also more confident. These are important skills for a successful international business career. The most memorable experience I’ve had at HLC was going on the History trip to Poland last year. Visiting the Auschwitz concentration camp was an emotional day; seeing the actual living conditions the prisoners endured brought everything we had done in class to life and inspired me all over again. Embracing other cultures and confidence are important skills for a successful international business career.

Olivia Obianwu (Harrogate Ladies’ College)

I am very impressed with the conducive and serene study environment. The University of Hull is a beautiful place to be. The people are nice, warm and adorably friendly to foreign students. My relationship with academic and non-academic staff is cordial, more so, they are ever willing to help out when approached. I am having a great time studying Financial Management at Hull and I am accustomed to the strict adherence to rules and regulations especially time management. For Lington Educational Services Limited, I must say they are an outstanding agency, their professionalism is second to none.

Anthonia Ayodele (University of Hull)

Lington Educational Services has been really helpful, from helping with selection of high ranking and yet affordable universities to applying to the school and making sure I got the admission given the limited time. They’ve been really supportive and convenient. Many thanks to them, I got a 50% off the course fee🙌🏻. I highly recommend them if you’re looking at applying to schools abroad, be it for your master’s or undergraduate degree.✌

Seliat Olojede (UK MBA Candidate)