We provide excellent overseas study services to students.

1. School Placements for GCSE, ‘A’ Level, IB, Foundation and University

Through our direct partnership and contact with Boarding schools, Colleges and Universities, Lington Educational Services will help you to obtain the best possible offer and guarantee quick response time. We also help you to facilitate payment of fees through the banks to save cost.

2. Career Counseling and Academic Advisory Services

Lington Educational Services Limited gives you the opportunity to discover yourself and make informed decisions about your career through our counseling services. This is done by ascertaining the candidate’s strengths and guiding the student in making a proper choice based on their interests.

3. Visa Packaging and Documentation

Lington Educational Services assists you in ensuring a smooth and hitch-free visa application process. We ensure that documents are arranged in line with the requirements of the UKBA and Canadian Deputy High Commission and point out areas where the students may be vulnerable to a rejection.

4. Travel Assistance

Lington Educational Services helps to make travel arrangements for candidates who have been offered admission, we also give a pre-departure briefing that helps the students settle down as soon as they arrive at their destination. Lington Educational Services also works with the schools to arrange a pick up for students when they arrive at the airport.

Need help with selecting a school or processing your overseas admission?